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Securecell AG is a high-tech life science company with platform technologies for bioprocessing in biopharma as well as for relevant disruptive applications in medtech.

In the biotech area, Securecell distributes specifically developed software and hardware solutions for the fully automated cell cultivation as well as process control for a large number of multinational corporations in the pharma and food industry. The company has more than 25 years of experience in this area.

In the medtech area, Securecell develops radically unique and patent protected innovations which fundamentally change the blood sugar measurement and control in intensive care and disrupt today’s limitations in the treatment of diabetes by communicating and interacting directly with the blood, thereby enabling a better life for diabetes patients. Securecell has therefore the potential to become of a “game changer” for the diabetes industry.

Due to the growing need for information on the part of the investors in the age of digitalization, Securecell has created short videos for all business-relevant topics in order to provide you with a good overview of the different areas of activity in just a few minutes.

We cordially invite you to take some time to view the videos you are interested in. In case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us or your broker.

Dr C. Andretta


In this video you will receive an overview of Securecell’s business areas. In the biotech area, our products Lucullus® and Numera® offer an added value with regards to data management and process control for leading global corporations in the pharma and food industry as well as research institutes. In the medtech area, our mid-stage venture Seraccess™ has the potential to drastically improve 



IntegraOne is a revolutionary fully integrated and automated solution bringing the full portfolio of all Securecell products and innovations together and becomes an end-to-end bioprocessing platform capable of performing all necessary tasks for a fully automated bioprocess including upstream, downstream and analytics. The end-to-end platform is supporting the future industry trends (e.g. PAT, continuous manufacturing, Bioprocessing 4.0) and paves the way for a fully automated bioprocessing workflow.


Lucullus® (PIMS) provides centralized data management by extensive integration of all your devices and paperless documentation. It ensures unified bioprocess monitoring and control by real-time communication and ready-to-use control algorithms and ad hoc design of experiment. From planning, preparation, execution to evaluation – everyday life is made easy by guided workflows.


Sampling and sample preparation in bioprocess development are often done manually. Therefore, deviations can occur, results are timely delayed, and missing during weekends and nights. With Numera®, we offer an integrated customer-specific PAT solution which enables on-line analytics for reliable results in real-time 24/7. Combined with Lucullus, the entire workflow of sampling, bioprocess monitoring and feedback control is covered by an all-in-one solution.



In its MedTech division, Securecell is developing Seraccess®, an innovative technology for the fully automated, high-frequency automatic on-line collection, processing, and analysis of minute quantities of blood for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters. The Seraccess® innovation roadmap leads from the fully automated, highly accurate and precise monitoring of critical blood parameters in the ICU setting via a wearable semi-miniaturized to a fully miniaturized artificial pancreas device for unprecedented glucose control.